Value Added Services

Qwest Electric LLC can provide a complete turnkey approach to design and implementation of any owner preferred design criteria.  As the monetary cornerstones of contract pricing agreements, accurate construction bid estimates are often the lynchpin of a project’s success. As such, Qwest Electric LLC provides value engineering consulting services.

Developing accurate construction bid estimates requires a comprehensive understanding of project costs and factors that impact project costs, along with knowledge of the estimating process. With our methodical, yet practical approach, Qwest Electric’s construction bid estimates include quantity take-offs to answer ‘how many’, market-factored pricing to answer ‘how much’, and scheduling services to answer ‘how long’. Our team can work with designers to provide value engineering cost savings items such as alternative energy sourcing, LED lighting options, conductor alternatives and systems integration options.

In our continual effort to provide the most accurate cost estimating and management services, Qwest Electric utilizes the most cutting edge software and indexes, including:

  • Timberline
  • Computer Ease
  • RS Means
  • Microsoft Scheduler
  • Quickbooks
  • ConEst Electrical Estimating Software
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Primavera

Our Clients